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Buffalo's Values

Our company is Metis Family owned and operated. Our values represent those of Canadian Metis culture and history - honesty, respect, earth-centeredness, and strength. Buffalo aspires to actively contribute to indigenous led housing and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our Brand Story

Buffalo's brand consists of three unique and purposefully selected elements: the icon, the border and the color. Each component was selected as a visual representation of the intersection of:

• Metis Culture
• Company Values
• Product Innovation

The Icon – li buffloo (the buffalo)

The Icon – li buffloo (the buffalo)

The Métis have a deep reverence for the buffalo, as it is an essential part of their identity and culture. The Métis fiercely guarded their customary rights to hunt and trade freely throughout the Prairies. Besides being an important food-gathering activity and a commercial endeavour, the buffalo hunts brought together families who saw each other only a few times a year. Every Spring and Autumn, Métis would gather on the Red River for the buffalo hunts, where they would also elect a provisional government.

It is believed that the spirit of the buffalo guides the Métis people, providing them with strength and courage. The buffalo is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, reminding the Métis of the connection between the land and their ancestors. A dual representation of the company core values and Métis Culture, the symbolism of the Buffalo is that of power, safety, strength, life’s sacredness, durability and earth-centeredness.
The Border

The Border

The abstract eagle feather forming the outer circle of our logo represents guidance, protection, and harmony, serving as a tangible reminder of the Métis’ respect for the land, spiritual beliefs, and ancestral lineage. The circle is a sacred symbol of the interdependence of all forms of life, a key symbol of the earth and all things it holds. The feather is also a reflection of our energy efficient products and our company’s commitment to sustainability without compromise.
Brand Colors

Brand Colors

Slate symbolizes the strength and resilience of the Métis people. The earth tone represents our commitment to sustainability and protection of our natural environment.
Equally, these two brand colors also represent the strength, durability and environmental sustainability of our products.

Buffalo respectfully acknowledges we are located on the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc First Nation and Region 3 of Metis Nation BC.
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