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Buffalo is a trusted distributor of Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens. For over 40 years, Talius has earned the reputation as a leader in Canadian manufacturing, producing the highest quality shade, security and energy solutions. Learn more about our products below.

Energy Reduction & Savings
Reduce your carbon footprint. Insulated rollshutters reduce average electricity consumption / demand for cooling by 50-80%, translating into cost savings of up to 34%!

Custom Made
Every order is custom made to fit your needs completely, including dimensions, colour and even custom graphics and anti graffiti coating.
Unbeatable Strength
The strongest rollshutters offered in the industry, our shutters provide the ultimate security solution for properties targeted by vandalism and break-ins.

Easily Operated
Rollshutters can be operated manually or by motorized solutions. Custom solutions include remote controls, keypads, timer options, sensors and more.
Our rollshuters protect your windows and, more importantly, what is behind them. Strong, secure, and durable, they glide easily into place when you need them and retract into a convenient overhead box when you don't.
Energy Efficient
Installed on the outside of your windows, designed to absorb the suns heat and glare before it passes through the glass into your home.

Enjoy daytime privacy without impacting your exterior view!
Easily Operated
Screens can be operated manually or by motorized solutions. Custom solutions include remote controls, keypads, timer options, sensors and more.

Secure your space against wind, rain and insects, while also mitigating UV damage.
Energy-efficient Habitat Screens are designed to provide superior solar protection, mitigate UV damage and optimize thermal comfort. Easy to see through and completely retractable. Habitat Screens create a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing your view.
Buffalo is a trusted distributor of homeD Modular Building Technologies Corp. homeD is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to revolutionizing affordable housing solutions. Their unique approach combines high-performance modular design, collaborative partnerships with Indigenous communities, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. With a focus on creating adaptable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective homes, homeD is working with Buffalo to support the pressing housing challenges in urban, rural, and remote areas.
Modular Versatility
The BoxPod offers a modular design that adapts to various configurations, allowing for customizable layouts to meet specific needs, from single units to multi-unit complexes.

Sustainability Focus
BoxPods prioritize sustainability with energy-efficient features, minimal waste during construction, and the use of eco-friendly building materials, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.
Enjoy daytime privacy without impacting your exterior view!

Affordable Housing Solution
Designed with affordability in mind, the BoxPod provides an economical housing solution without compromising quality, making it accessible for a wide range of individuals and communities.
Community Integration
The open and inclusive design of BoxPod communities encourages residents to connect and engage with one another and their surrounding neighborhoods, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

High Performance
Built to meet or exceed national building codes and standards, BoxPods offer top-tier structural integrity, durability, and energy efficiency, ensuring long-term value for residents and communities.

Cultural Sensitivity
homeD collaborates closely with Indigenous communities to incorporate cultural design elements and sensitivities, making BoxPods culturally responsive and respectful of the unique needs of diverse populations.

The BoxPod design offers versatile solutions for building open-spaced communities, fostering a sense of togetherness among residents. These communal spaces serve as hubs for celebrations, activities, and connections among residents, creating a vibrant and supportive community.

Buffalo respectfully acknowledges we are located on the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc First Nation and Region 3 of Metis Nation BC.
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