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At Buffalo, we empower builders and property owners with the ultimate opportunity to enhance safety, security, energy efficiency, and operating costs for both new constructions and existing properties.

Our wide range of innovative building solutions is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring you can make the most of every project. From optimizing safety to reducing energy consumption and operating expenses, Buffalo is your trusted partner for creating a more secure, sustainable, and cost-effective built environment

Reduce Your Energy Usage and Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Energy Usage and Carbon Footprint

Habitat Screens and Rollshutters are mounted on the exterior of your building. This is a purposeful feature designed to block the heat before it reaches the window and passes through to the inside of your building.

Interior mounted window treatments are far less effective because they allow heat to transfer through your windows causing uncomfortable heat gains in your building, as well as increased energy requirements to address cooling.

Our Rollshutteres are insulated to block the heat as well as the cold and are proven to reduce both cooling and heating energy use in all seasons. They also trap a layer of air between the window and the rollshutter which acts as another layer of insulation.

Habitat Screens also slow the rate of heat loss in a similar manner but because they are made from a mesh material, are effective to a lesser degree than Rollshutters. The solutions that is best for you will depend on your specific needs.
Protect Your Property and Deter Vandalism

Protect Your Property and Deter Vandalism

Prevent broken glass, vandalism and theft with our Rollshutters.

Our Rollshutters can be protected from graffiti with an optional application of anti-graffiti coating which makes removing materials such as paint, crayon and markers fast and easy.

Rolling up neatly out of view in the open position and blending seamlessly with your property in the down position to create a solid barrier against vandalism and other crimes of opportunity.
Storm Protection

Storm Protection

Rollshutters provide superior protection against the powerful forces of storms and the impact of flying debris.

Made from superior-strength aluminum with stainless steel components, they protect your windows and doors from the forces of earths harshest elements. When not in use, they roll up neatly into an overhead panel box without obstructing your view.


Reduce Operating & Maintenance Costs on your Buildings

With Buffalo products, you'll experience reduced operating and maintenance costs. The proven energy efficiency of our rollshutters leads to lower energy consumption, resulting in decreased utility expenses.

Additionally, the durable design and anti-graffiti coating protects your assets and minimizes the need for frequent repairs and replacements, saving you both time and money!

Proven Return on Investment by Reducing:
• Heat loss in winter by as much as 19%
• Cooling energy demand by as much as 50-80%
• Moisture condensation on the interior surfaces of windows
• Harmful solar radiation
• UV damage to furniture and flooring
Buffalo respectfully acknowledges we are located on the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc First Nation and Region 3 of Metis Nation BC.
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